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Mar 31, 2010 10:00pm EDT
thank you salt lake. greta is up next. see you back tomorrow night from new york. thanks for being with us. [ applause ] >> greta: tonight is beginning to feel like the thriller in manila. huge fights erupting michigan, wisconsin, nevada, pennsylvania, georgia, that's only a few. how bad is it? we start in nevada. governor gibbons joins us live, good evening governor. >> greta, good evening, nice to be on your show. >> greta: nice to have you, sir. you want the state of nevada to be part of this lawsuit filed in florida, challenging the constitutionality of the mandate in the health care bill. is that so? >> yes, that is correct. any time you have an infraction of the constitutional rights, especially those of us in nevada, i've taken an oath to protect the people of nevada and i will do so. >> greta: aren't you boss? the attorney general of your state says no dice, not going to file. are you the boss of your state or not under the law? >> under the law, i am. i asked the attorney general to participate in bringing a lawsuit again the federal government. she has said she doesn't th
Apr 1, 2010 12:05am EDT
. from "greenberg," greta gerwig is with us. and we have music from matisyahu. if you are jesse jes and being accused of cheating, how excited must you be that this picture of you stredressed as hitler come ? very? fortunately, we have a psychic on hand tonight. gary, quick question for you. will sandra bullock and jesse james reunite? >> well, i see that if they do, it will be very brief. i see she caught him with two things dead to right and she's really mad, hurt and over it. >> jimmy: so you say no. >> no. >> jimmy: one more quick question. what the hell is on your head? >> it's my hair, jimmy. >> jimmy: we'll find out later. "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes. ecoboost engine in the taurus sho from ford. that has the thirst of a v6 with the thrust of a v8. the most innovative full- size sedan in america: the taurus sho, from ford. drive one. and i went in to an h&r block. they found an educatidn credit that i missed. my refund was $2000 more than what i had found on my own. you don't know what you don't know, and that's why you go to h&r ock. get it right. h&r block. anno
Mar 31, 2010 11:30pm EDT
. >> rose: where did you find greta and why? >> well, i'd seen greta in these small movies, what they're calling the mumble corps movies. >> rose: where did that title come from? >> i think somebody connected to it used in the an interview and it caught on. although i think they resent that. >> rose: (laughs) >> as we probably resented jen x back then. >> rose: was that new york magazine, who did gwen x. >> well, there was that book gen x. >> rose: greta. >> i had seen here in these little movies and i thought there was something totally authentic and seemingly unacted about how she did about things. i mean, there were a lot of really good actors and i went through a period where i watched a bunch of these things because i'd heard good stuff about them and there were a lot of interesting non-actors in some cases in these movies but she stood out to me and jennifer and i had her come to our apartment and audition for florence and i figured, well, we'll keep it very low key. we won't put her with ben immediately. we'll just sort of... i didn't know. i didn't know if she... because the m
Apr 1, 2010 5:00pm EDT
today -- right greta? >> you can probably see the band gearing up behind me. the census bureau is holding an event from 4:00 to 8:00, trying to get the message out. it is census day. 57% of people in virginia have mailed their firms in. 54% in maryland. only 47% in d.c. -- there is still a long way to go. at freedom plaza, there were drumming away and giving away the message today. mail back those 2010 census forms now. >> this is not april fool's day. this is no joke, people. this is census day. >> it is a quick and easy form -- 10 questions, 10 minutes. this will determine how legislative redistricts will be -- legislative districts will be redrawn. >> my family sent it the same day we got it. >> was it hard? >> it was pretty simple. >> do you know where in your house it is? >> on my dresser. i will turn it into day. >> earlier this morning, it was a chilly ball. people could drop off census forms and pick up freebies for doing so. >> you put it aside. pick that form up. it will take you a few minutes. >> for every% increase in the mail back response rate, the bureau saves ta
Apr 1, 2010 3:05am EDT
. >> yes, greta gerwig. great actress. >> jimmy: wow, she is great, as well. >> yeah, she's an amazing actress. >> jimmy: didn't know her at all. >> yeah, and it's sort of this unlikely romance between the two of them. >> jimmy: it just made me laugh. there were certain scenes in there. you're just like, when you're -- she was like, "write out a shopping list, and i'll go get you stuff." and you -- it's just pressure for you. and you're, like, upset that you have to write something down. you're like -- and the only thing on your list is ice cream sandwiches and whiskey. >> yes. [ laughter ] yeah, it crystallizes the character for you right there. >> jimmy: that made me -- >> he's a guy -- he finds -- you know, he finds it easy to criticize the world. but when it comes to looking at himself, he has a little more trouble. >> jimmy: it's so good. it's like the subtle good jokes in there are just so perfect. and we have a scene coming up here that are a bunch of, like, kind of, hipster kids coming over -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: -- and have a party at the house. >> yeah, there's a party of 20-s
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)